Glossary : Letter R

Regulated savings accounts

All savings products (accounts and passbook schemes) whose operating terms and conditions are determined by the public authorities. e.g.: livret Alivret de développement durable (LDD), livret d’épargne populaire (LEP), livret jeune and so on.


Under the "Eckert" Act of 13 June 2014, return of sums from a dormant account or unclaimed life insurance policy to their legitimate beneficiary. Restitution may be carried out by the original financial institution when it is still in possession of such sums. If the sums have lain dormant for so long that they have been transferred to Caisse des Dépôts, their beneficiaries must search for them on Caisse des Dépôts examines their claim and, if approved, the sums are returned to their beneficiary(ies).