Glossary : Letter T

Tax-friendly long-term savings account (PEP)

Regulated savings product that could be opened between 1990 and 2003. PEP holders can continue to use them.

Thirty-year forfeiture period

As part of the "Eckert" Act of 13 June 2014, as extended by Order n° 2018-95 of 14 February 2018 which entails the expansion of the "Eckert"Act to overseas collectivitites, this is the 30-year timeframe at the end of which unclaimed sums will be handed irreversibly over to the State. This 30-year timeframe encompasses both the period during which the sums are kept by the financial institution (bank, insurance company or employee savings body) and by Caisse des Dépôts.

Before the "Eckert Act" entered into force and through 2016, financial institutions directly transferred their unclaimed sums that had lain dormant for 30 years to the State.

Thirty-year guideline

See "thirty-year forfeiture period".

Time deposit

See "time deposit account".

Time deposit account

Account on which the sums deposited are locked away for a certain period, in return for a rate of interest determined when the account is opened. The rate of interest varies depending on the time deposit account (fixed rate, progressive rate, variable rate, etc.).


Any order given by the payer or beneficiary in which sums are paid in, transferred or withdrawn.