Glossary : Letter F

Financial institution

Entity subject to the law on dormant bank accounts and unclaimed life insurance policies, particularly the requirement to transfer unclaimed sums to Caisse des Dépôts: banks, insurance companies and employee savings bodies.

Financial instrument

See "security".

Financial products

On, these refer to accounts (current accounts, Livrets A, home ownership savings schemes, company savings schemes and so on), life insurance and endowment policies, capitalisation bonds and bearer bonds which may be the subject of a search.

Fixed term

Period during which an account cannot be considered dormant insofar as its dormancy is a result of the application of legal or regulatory provisions or of a judicial ruling.


Under the "Eckert" Act of 13 June 2014, sums from dormant accounts and unclaimed life insurance policies which, after reaching the statutory dormancy periods, are transferred to Caisse des Dépôts by the financial institutions (monthly for life insurance policies and quarterly for accounts).