Glossary : Letter E

Employee savings

Collective savings scheme set up within certain companies. The principle entails paying each employee a share of the company's earnings (profit-sharing incentive) or its profits (participation bonus). The sums attributed are deposited in a company savings scheme (PEE). They may also be paid directly to the employee if requested by the latter.

On it is possible to search for a dormant company savings scheme (PEE). Profit-sharing incentives and participation bonuses which have not been paid into a company savings scheme and were deposited at Caisse des Dépôts before 2016 do not come within the scope of the Eckert Act. This means that they cannot be accessed from this website. To find out more, have a look at

Employee savings body

Investment firm tasked with managing savers' personal accounts. It receives instructions to apply for and buy back shares, processes these and initiates the corresponding payments or transfers.

Employee savings scheme

See "Company savings scheme (PEE)".

Endowment policy

An endowment policy is a savings product. It makes it possible to capitalise on a sum or sums paid by an investor within a contract which may then be invested in various other schemes. Over the life of the endowment contract, the investor may withdraw all or part of his funds which otherwise are paid out to him when the contract expires, either in the form of an endowment which represents the amount invested increased by the capitalised interest, or else in the form of an annuity paid during his lifetime.

Entitled party

Corporate proxy, legal proxy or proxy by agreement (in terms of legal proceedings), legal representative, heirs, creditors and solicitor/notary in charge of the holder's or policyholder's estate.

Estate assets

All of the assets in a person's possession at the time of his or her death, which will be redistributed in the context of an inheritance. These assets are made up of tangible or intangible personal or real estate and diverse receivables.


Date on which the life insurance policy ends and no longer accrues interest. This date is set by the policy signed between the insurance company and the insured person.