How do I set about searching for my money?

The Ciclade service for searching for your money is free and can only be accessed on this website. There are three stages involved in the process :


1 I enter a search on this website to see if the money should rightfully come to me

I make sure I have all the necessary information about the Account Holder or on the subscriber of the life insurance contract as well as the reference of the closed Bank account if I know it.

 The holder is a Natural person




  • his/her first name and surname*
  • his/her date of birth*
  • the date s/he died (if the Search concerns a deceased person)*
  • his/her nationality
  • the place and country of his/her birth
  • his/her last known address
  • New: the reference of the closed account (bank account, Livret A, LDD ...) and the establishment concerned. 10 entries maximum (account number or IBAN).
* required fields

Why is it important to properly prepare your search?
For reasons of security and confidentiality, you are asked to enter specific information into the search engine. The success of your claim depends on it.
Save time by preparing all of this information in advance!

Your search is based on the name of the holder or Policyholder and his/her date of birth (and death where applicable). The more precise and complete the information entered (preferred name, other first names), the more likely the search will be successful.

I am the holder or policyholder

e.g.: My parents opened a young person's Passbook savings account for me when I was thirteen years old.

I enter my name and date of birth into the search engine.

If I have the information, I enter the reference of the closed account (bank account, Livret A, LDD ...) and the institution concerned. 10 entries maximum (account number or IBAN).

I am not the holder or policyholder

e.g.: My grandma named me as the Beneficiary of her Life insurance policy.

I enter my grandma's name and date of birth into the search engine.
For someone who is deceased, I also enter the date of his/her death.

If I have the information, I enter the reference of the closed account (bank account, Livret A, LDD ...) and the institution concerned. 10 entries maximum (account number or IBAN).


Before submitting my search

I make sure that the information has been correctly entered. A typing error – even an eligible one – could lead to an incorrect or unsuccessful search.

Unfortunately, no results matching your search criteria were found.
No sum is in our system matching these criteria.

If no sum of money corresponds to my search, I am given an explanation :

  • Either the sums have yet to be transferred to Caisse des Dépôts because the statutory timeframes have not yet been reached. We recommend that you search again at regular intervals (find out more).

  • Or they have lain dormant for 30 years and have been transferred to the State. It is no longer possible for you to get your money back (find out more).

Note: Are you sure that the name of the holder or policyholder has been entered correctly ?
If in doubt, try your search again.

Your search has yielded a possible match.​

This means that among the information entered on the search form and the information sent by the financial institutions, there is a possible correlation. In other words that you may be the beneficiary of sums from an account or life insurance contract.

This can only be confirmed following an analysis of your file.

One search may yield several Financial products owned by the same person.


2 A match has been found, I will continue my claim

This account guarantees that my search remains confidential and protects my future Correspondence with Caisse des Dépôts.

The account is created by the person submitting the claim (so not necessarily the holder or policyholder)

  • Identity information
  • Enter my email address
  • Choose a password

I then receive an activation email at the address I entered. I click on the link in this email to activate and access my account securely.

Caisse des Dépôts needs to check that I am indeed the holder, policyholder or beneficiary of the sums being sought, or that I am acting in the capacity of Legal representative.

I am preparing this evidence which I am scanning so that it is legible :

I prepare this evidence, then scan it so that it is legible. The size of each file may not exceed 4 Mb and must be imported in PDF, JPEG, PNG or TIF format. You will have the option to merge several files (in JPEG or PNG format) to generate a single PDF document.

  • ID card or passport or residence card, valid temporary residence permit or birth certificate dated within the last three months for minors
  • Evidence of the holder or policyholder's death where applicable
  • Evidence of the inheritance where applicable
  • Evidence of legal representation for a legal representative
  • Bank account details (RIB), enter the details of the account into which you wish the money to be paid. Please note, enter the account that you currently use and not the account that has been closed under the Eckert Law.
  • Every information about the bank account or the life insurance policy i am looking for (optional)

Your documents are for use exclusively as part as you claim. They won't be communicated to third parties.


I enter the information and upload the requisite supporting documents to my Personal account.

Once my claim is complete, I submit it for examination by Caisse des Dépôts. Only applications duly submitted (by clicking on the "submit" button) will be examined.


3 Caisse des Dépôts processes my claim. If it is approved, I receive the money by bank wire.

  • Via the dashboard in my personal account

  • From my personal inbox: Caisse des Dépôts will need to Contact me to finalise my claim

Given the very large number of requests received, our response and processing times are extended. It is not necessary to contact us for the progress of your file. Everything is done to process your requests as soon as possible. When monitoring the progress of your request in the personal space, a delay of several weeks is currently observed between the information specifying "to pay" and the actual payment. There is no need to worry.

  • Caisse des Dépôts needs to make sure the sums are returned to their legitimate beneficiary(ies)

  • The information and supporting documents I submit are compared with the data transferred to Caisse des Dépôts by the Financial institution

  • Further information may prove necessary during the processing of my claim

  • If my claim concerns an inheritance, it may be necessary for a solicitor/notary to get involved

  • If my request is confirmed by Caisse des Dépôts, I receive the amounts via bank transfer
  • If the correspondence is not confirmed, your request is rejected

Examples of a rejection :

  • A homonym: you have the same surname and first name as another person, after verification of other personal information like the date and place of birth, you are not the beneficiary of the account. It is important to get as much precise information as possible during your search (preferred name in addition to the surname, other first names on the registry).
  • In the personal area you have not properly identified yourself (example: notary, beneficiary or account holder, etc.). Don't forget to position yourself according to your situation during your request.