Careful attention has been paid to the website's accessibility in accordance with the regulations and RGAA 3 2016.

Operations to bring the website contents and features into conformity are in progress.

That said, it was not possible to reach the statutory conformity level (AA of the RGAA) during the initial online launch of the website on 2 January 2017.


Conformity level of the Ciclade website

Access42 performed an audit in the last quarter of 2016 to measure the level of conformity to the RGAA 3 2016 reference framework.

As it stands, the website does not fully conform to RGAA 3 2016. The conformity level it reached when it was put online was 79.59% of level AA of the RGAA.


Main corrections still to be made

  • One image alternative to be corrected and one text image to be processed
  • One colour with insufficient contrast ratio
  • A few link titles
  • One page title to be corrected
  • One page with code errors
  • A few missing titles
  • Error messages to be linked corrected to the data entry fields in the forms
  • The closed dropdown menu on mobile devices needs correctly linking to the controlled zone
  • One modal window needs to regain focus
  • Recovery of content when increasing font size to 200%.

All of these corrections are currently being processed and should be taken into account for the first update, in the first quarter of 2017, following which the declaration of conformity will be submitted.



There are no contents on the website subject to an exemption under the terms defined by the RGAA 3 2016.



In the meantime, if you encounter any difficulties please get in touch with us by clicking on "Contact". We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Defender of Rights

If you notice an accessibility fault preventing you from accessing particular content or one of the website's features, report it to us and do not receive a prompt reply from us, you are entitled to lodge your complaint with the Defender of Rights or ask this authority to look into the matter :