Are you looking for dormant accounts
and unclaimed life insurance policies
that have been transferred to Caisse des Dépôts?

Ciclade, a service of general interest created at the request of the French State (Act of 13 June 2014, known as the "Eckert Act").

Ciclade, what's the point of this service?

Banks, insurance companies and employee savings bodies that are responsible for your money close any accounts that have lain dormant or unclaimed for too long.

The money in these accounts is then transferred to Caisse des Dépôts. Its job is to keep this money safe, allow account holders, beneficiaries and heirs to search for it using the Ciclade service, and handle their claim forms. For this money is yours. By rights it comes to you.

If it lies unclaimed for 30 years in total, this money is irreversibly transferred to the State.

What is Ciclade?

How can I use it?

Searches are carried out entirely online on The service is free and entails three stages:

  • First I search online to see if I am owed any money
  • If my search yields a result: I create my personal account and I submit my claim
  • Caisse des Dépôts processes my claim. If it is approved: I receive the money
How do I set about searching for my money?