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Employee savings

Collective savings scheme set up within certain companies. The principle entails paying each employee a share of the company's earnings (profit-sharing incentive) or its profits (participation bonus). The sums attributed are deposited in a company savings scheme (PEE). They may also be paid directly to the employee if requested by the latter.

On it is possible to search for a dormant company savings scheme (PEE). Profit-sharing incentives and participation bonuses which have not been paid into a company savings scheme and were deposited at Caisse des Dépôts before 2016 do not come within the scope of the Eckert Act. This means that they cannot be accessed from this website. To find out more, have a look at

Employee savings body

Investment firm tasked with managing savers' personal accounts. It receives instructions to apply for and buy back shares, processes these and initiates the corresponding payments or transfers.

Employee savings scheme

See "Company savings scheme (PEE)".