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Person named by the policyholder in the beneficiary clause of a life insurance policy to receive the benefits covered when the policy expires in the event of a life or death policy. Depending on the type of policy taken out, the beneficiary and the insured person may not be the same person:

  • if a life insurance policy is taken out: the policyholder can be both the insured person and the beneficiary; a third party can also be named a beneficiary.
  • if a policy providing cover in the event of death is taken out: the insured person is different from the beneficiary and, in this situation, the capital or annuity is paid to the latter when the policy expires.

Any natural person or legal entity with reason to believe they are a beneficiary of a life insurance policy whose policyholder died within the last ten years can contact the AGIRA.

On, the term "beneficiary" also refers more broadly to anyone able to recover sums that have been transferred to Caisse des Dépôts, either because they are the holder of an account, life insurance policyholder or beneficiary or entitled party of an account holder or life insurance policyholder.