The implementation of article 47 of the law of February 11, 2005 on equal opportunities stipulates that all online services provided by the State or any Legal entity governed by public law must be accessible to all.

What is digital accessibility?

An accessible website is one that enables people with disabilities to access its content and functions without difficulty. For example, an accessible site enables :

  • navigate with a voice synthesizer and/or Braille display (used in particular by blind and partially-sighted people);
  • customize the site's display according to your needs (enlarging characters, changing colors, etc.);
  • navigate without using the mouse (with the keyboard only, via a touch screen, by voice or any other adapted device).

To achieve this, the site must comply with the standards in force at the time it is created and updated.

Accessibility declaration

Caisse des Dépôts (CDC) is committed to making its websites accessible in accordance with article 47 of law no. 2005-102 of February 11, 2005.

To enable its various departments to meet this requirement, CDC is carrying out several actions:

  • raising awareness and training staff in accessibility ;
  • integrating accessibility throughout the project lifecycle;
  • external "blank" audits, and support for partners;
  • tests with disabled users;
  • compliance audits carried out by a third-party certifier;
  • appointment of an accessibility referent;
  • regular digital accessibility audits.

In accordance with Decree no. 2019-768 of July 24, 2019, CDC has defined its roadmap for improving the accessibility of its services through its multi-year accessibility plan document.

This declaration of accessibility applies to the "Ciclade" public space platform.

Conformity level of the Ciclade website

The "Ciclade" platform is partially compliant with the RGAA (référentiel général d'amélioration de l'accessibilité).

Test results

The compliance audit was initially carried out by Access 42. Following compliance corrections, a control audit was carried out by the digital accessibility division of Caisse des Dépôts, which revealed that :

93.22% of RGAA criteria (Version 4.1) are respected.

RGAA 4 compliance according to WCAG levels


Compliance rate

Non-compliance rate

Level A

93,18 %

6,82 %

Level AA (légal)

93,22 %

6,78 %

Main corrections still to be made

Home page

  • Criteria 3.2: at least one font color is not sufficiently contrasted (2 links in cookie banner);
  • Criteria 6.1: at least one link is not sufficiently explicit. The active page of the navigation menu is only conveyed by the form;
  • Criteria 7.1: at least one script is not compatible with assistive technologies (the carousel is not correctly implemented).

Contact page

  • Criteria 10.2: in the Contact form, asterisk symbols disappear when the style sheet is deactivated.

Content not subject to accessibility requirements

Exemptions identified for the following content and services:

  • Youtube player

Establishment of this declaration of conformity

This declaration was drawn up on 31/03/2021 and updated on 07/06/2023.

Technologies used to build the platform

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Site pages subject to compliance verification

  • Home
  • Contact
  • Accessibility
  • Start my Search
  • Discover Ciclade
  • Understand escheatment
  • Knowing the steps of Restitution
  • Glossary
  • Your questions

Feedback and contact

If you are unable to access a content or service, you can contact the site manager to be directed to an accessible alternative or obtain the content in another form.

Send a message via our contact form


Contact Caisse des Dépôts' digital accessibility referral service


This procedure should be used in the following cases.

You have notified the website manager of an accessibility fault that is preventing you from accessing content or services on the portal, and you have not received a satisfactory response.

  • Write a message to the Défenseur des droits
  • Contact the Défenseur des droits delegate in your region
  • Send a letter by post (free of charge, do not use a stamp):

Défenseur des droits

Free reply 71120

75342 Paris CEDEX 07