What is Ciclade?

Ciclade is a service of general interest, created pursuant to the Act of 13 June 2014 ("Eckert Act"). It can be used to search, free of charge, for sums of money from dormant accounts and unclaimed life insurance policies that have been transferred to Caisse des Dépôts.

  • Anyone, whether or not they are a French national, may be concerned.
  • They may be the account holder, the policyholder, the beneficiary or an entitled party.
  • Searches may only concern accounts and life insurance policies opened in France.

The financial products concerned by Ciclade

Savings products

Life insurance

  • Personal life insurance policy
  • Group life insurance policy

The most common cases

A great many bank accounts, employee savings schemes and life insurance policies are forgotten about or lost track of by their holders. Some people are not even aware that they have been named as life insurance beneficiaries.


e.g.: I am due to inherit from my grandpa who hada home ownership savings scheme (PEL)

Death of close relatives

e.g.: I didn't know that my grandma had named me as a beneficiary on her life insurance policy

Elderly parents

e.g.: My parents received a letter from their bank telling them that an old savings account had been closed


Old company savings scheme

e.g.: I have left a company savings scheme (PEE) lying dormant for 20 years, and I'd like to retrieve the money from it


Old Livret A savings accounts

e.g.: My parents opened this account for me when I was six... I'd like to try and retrieve the money


Expired life insurance policy

e.g.: I'd completely forgotten about this life insurance policy, which expired some ten years ago now



e.g: I am looking for sums of money from closed accounts as part of an inheritance


Moving house or changing your name

e.g.&: I may never have received the letter from the bank telling me that old accounts had been closed...


Living abroad

e.g.: I don't live in France but I am due to inherit from a relative who opened an account in France


Security information

This is a non-commercial, general interest and free website. It is the only service allowing you to search for unclaimed sums of money transferred by financial institutions to Caisse des Dépôts.

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