On, "account" means all bank accounts and savings products (current accounts, livrets A, home ownership savings schemes, employee savings schemes, etc.) subject to the "Eckert" Act of 13 June 2014.

Account-holding institution

See "employee savings body".


Regular income from investment of a capital sum. This is also the payment of income from a policy (life annuity, death insurance), a judicial ruling or a debt security.

Association for the Management of Information on Insurance Risk (AGIRA)

The AGIRA brings together the insurance companies operating on the French market as well as the professional organisations involved in the sector. It can be contacted free of charge by natural persons or legal entities potentially designated by the beneficiary clause of a life insurance policy whose policyholder died within the last ten years. The AGIRA will pass the request onto insurance companies who are then obliged to make efforts to find beneficiaries.

If you have reason to believe you are the beneficiary of an insurance policy whose policyholder died in the last ten years, get in touch with the AGIRA:

Association pour la Gestion des Informations sur le Risque en Assurance (AGIRA)

1 rue Jules Lefebvre